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Birth combs for pain relief

Have you heard about using combs for birth pain relief?

Why use a birth comb?

Birth combs are a natural and effective pain relief option. They are a powerful tool to use as a distraction or focal point during contractions.

The area on your hand where the teeth of the comb hit has acupressure points which trigger endorphins in your brain and block pain receptors.

Another reason is the GATE theory, this means that your brain can only process so many sensations at one time. When using the comb your brains attention has moved to the new sensation of the comb instead of focusing on the contraction.

How to use them:

You place the flat side parallel with your wrist (thumb to pinky) with the teeth of the comb pointing towards the base of the fingers where they meet your hand and squeeze into that line where the fingers and palm meet. You can squeeze as hard as what is comfortable and effective for you.

As your labour increases it is best to squeeze hardest at the height of the contraction.

What type of comb to use?

Wooden combs with no tail (same as pictured) are ideal as the teeth aren't too sharp but effective.

If your wanting to use a birth comb, put it in your birth preferences and make sure your support team know to grab it out and give it a try.

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