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Grazyna the Doula Auckland

Grazyna the Doula

Grazyna the Doula Auckland


Grazyna Williams

Hello, I'm Grazyna, and I'm thrilled to be part of your journey into parenthood. Born in the beautiful New Zealand, I bring warmth, care, and experience to every family I support.

A Little About Me

I'm not just a doula; I'm a mother, a wife to my high school sweetheart, and a proud parent of two amazing kids. My son, born in 2011, and my daughter, born in 2018, have taught me the incredible depth of love and the unique challenges that come with each child. These experiences have shaped my path and passion as a doula.


Parents Recommend

Grazyna the Doula Review


I had the most beautiful doula Grazyna who was reassuring and supportive through my pregnancy, labour and birth. She was checking on me often asking how i was feeling closer to birth. Being a first time mum i had lot of questions around new pain i experienced and i was quite anxious about birth. Having Grazyna during my labour helped me enormously. She help me ride the contractions through helping guide breathing, relaxing shoulder and also giving me massage on my back to releive contraction pain. I cannot thank her enough and had a very positive experience! 

June 2023

Grazyna the Doula Review


I have no words to thank you for everything you did and all the support and trust you gave me on one of the most important days of my life as a woman, wife and mother! Only God knows how lost I would feel and be if I hadn't had all your support, emotional support at all times!! My mother asked God angels to take care of us during our walk in this country and every day more, to every person I know, people like you, I'm sure God heard her!! Any woman who is lucky enough to have your support and support in this beautiful moment, will be very blessed.


July 2023

Grazyna the Doula Reviews


I was extremely grateful and lucky to have Grazyna as my support person.

She is very knowledgeable and equipped to help with pain management.

I would of birthed alone if it wasn’t for her racing to me late in the night and advising my midwife.

So a big thank you and any mama would be lucky to have you as their doula

June 2023

Grazyna the Doula Review


I love grazyna! The most supportive caring, informative selfless doula and such a blessing to me on my journey. I didn't expect to come across so many complications in my 3rd trimester and she was always checking up on me and met me at hospital on more than one occasion, even came to my house and helped me get to hospital with threteaned prelabor. She goes above and beyond for you. Her support is incredible. Can't thank you enough for being there for me right up until baby was born and even after. Highly recommend

August 2023

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